• Int. Conf. on Applications and Techniques in Information Science Engineering
    Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Dated: 19-23 January, 2019

International Conference on Applications and Techniques in Information Science (iCATIS2019)
19-23 January, Dhaka, Bangladesh

International Conference on Applications and Techniques in Information Science (iCATIS 2019, Dhaka) will bring international and national experts in information science and computer professional and experts to Dhaka (the capital City of Bangladesh) to present and share their latest research and practice.
iCATIS 2019 will be held in Dhaka, which is the capital and largest city in Bangladesh. The conference is supported by Global Circle for Scientific, Technological and Management Research (GCSTMR) as its 4th World Congress. GCSTMR endeavors to create a platform for young researchers to exchange ideas and share information with experts in their respective fields. GCSTMR encourages and facilitates trans-national collaborations among its members and associates in research, training and professional activities. Multidisciplinary international conference series run by GCSTMR open vast opportunities for researchers to interact on the global platform and take advantage of knowledge sharing in the digital arena.
The 4th GCSTMR Congress is jointly organized by GCSTMR, Bangladesh Open University (BOU), Daffodil International University, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET) and Business Faculty of the Dhaka University (DU). The conference venue is 20 km away from the airport and many international standard hotels, motels, guest houses and resorts are situated in and around the venue.